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in between we've found our way to live
it's so good to be alive in such a wonderful year
Official Masterlist 2008 
17th-Sep-2008 06:55 pm

Sorry for the lateness of this! The masterlist of fics posted in this round of the fest can be found under the cut. Thank you all for participating!

Fic Masterlist

1 Anniversary sarcastrow allie_andromeda Some events resound though the years. Gen, canon pairings. Ginny/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Dean, Seamus Lavender PG-13
2 Tidy Time sarcastrow allie_andromeda Harry needs a home, and he happens to own one. With the help of his best friends and the Black sisters he makes a home from the remains of Grimmauld. Gen, canon pairings, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Dean PG-13
4 P.S. Sorry 'Bout All That: A Story in Letters realmer06 anguis_1 While working with the wizarding community to help repair the damage done to Hogwarts in the final battle, Harry receives a letter from a most unlikely person. Harry, Dudley, Gen PG
6 Before and After myownmuggle anguis_1 The after is always harder than the before, especially when you think you’ve forgotten how to laugh. Dean/Luna PG-13
5 Percy's Interview phil_urich anguis_1 Percy is forced to come to terms with who he is while interviewing for a place in The Ministry's new Auror Academy. Percy Weasley, Gen PG
7 Homecoming exartemarte anguis_1 The Dursleys finally get back to 4 Privet Drive and now everything will be normal again … won't it? Dursley Family, Vernon/Petunia G
11 Decisions charma_10 birdseyeview When Kingsley Shacklebolt offers him a position on the Aurors, Ron needs to decide if being an Auror is what he truly wants for himself. Ron/Hermione PG-13
15 Going Home scribneoir1 butterfly_kate 'Some events punctuate our lives, others just graze by...but all leave a lasting impact.' Seamus, Lavender, Gen PG-13
17 Mid-morning Espresso Shots deadduck008 butterfly_kate They like to call this ‘better times’, but really, they’re just older and high on caffeine. Angelina/George, Ginny PG
25 The Fourth Estate exartemarte cuban_sombrero The trouble with being a hero is you can't avoid talking to the press. Like the proverbial bad penny, Rita Skeeter pops up again in the days after the final battle. Can she be trusted this time? Trio, Rita Skeeter, Gen G
26 Not Just Playing House willow_wand cuban_sombrero Molly has reservations about her youngest son moving out. Ron/Hermione, Molly PG
31 Stumbling Homeward loony4lupin daysandweeks/td> Seven days after the final battle, Percy receives a letter that brings him back to the Burrow for the first time in a long time. Percy Weasley, Weasley family, Draco Malfoy, (mostly) canon pairings Light R
33 Courage is not the Absence of Fear cuban_sombrero heart_happiness 'Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear.' Hermione finds the courage to restore her parents' memories. Ron/Hermione, some Harry/Ginny PG-13
37 Ghosts ozma_katiebell humbuggirl Angelina thought she was doing all right, but a familiar face brought it all back. Fred/Angelina, George/Angelina PG-13
60 If Not Me, Then Who? mama3xmen luvscharlie If they can't find comfort in each other, where can they find it? Ron/Hermione R/NC-17
76 Enough For Now queenb23more mugglemama The night before Hermione leaves for Hogwarts without Ron Ron/Hermione NC-17
78 An Encounter with Lavender willow_wand mugglemama How will Ron and Hermione react to a surprise encounter with Lavender Brown? Ron/Hermione, Lavender PG
17th-Sep-2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Pssst...I know of at least one that was in before the deadline that's not on there.
18th-Sep-2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Ah, shucks. My apologies - could you point that one out please?
23rd-Sep-2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Eep! I forgot to reply, but it can be found HERE.

25th-Sep-2008 01:08 am (UTC)
Done! And thanks! :)
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